Campus life: Yay or Nay?

Live on campus?

“Whats it like living on campus?” Thats the first thing that my Japanese friend asked me when I got to Furman. The biggest difference I encountered was being able to live on campus. Back home in Japan, I would take the train for about an hour just to get to campus. There is nothing but academic buildings and a cafeteria on Waseda’s campus. Nobody lives on campus. Nobody. So, being able to live on campus and be 5 minutes away from my classroom is a change that I love. Being able to live on campus with everyone else and live independently has given me a great sense of responsibility. Here are my top 5 things about living on campus

  1. You can WALK to class.
  2. You don’t need public transportation to get to campus.
  3. You can use the facilities that the university offers any time.
  4. You can hang out with your friends all day.
  5. Its just fun!!
Living independently is one of the best parts of living on campus

Living independently is one of the best parts of living on campus. Photo Credit: How To Adult

As you can see living on campus can be a great aspect for your 4 years of university life! But, after living on campus for a couple of months there is something I found out. Because it is so useful you rarely go out off campus. You stay on campus and do not explore off campus, because you can find everything on campus! This leads to another problem. Public transportation.

The beautiful campus of Furman University. Being able to live on campus here and study is a blessing! As you can see cars are an essential part of studying at Furman.

Got a car?

Although living on campus can be enjoyable you can findanything on campus, there are times when you want to go off campus and have fun outside. But how do Furman students go off campus? They have to have a car. Furman is a big campus and you need a car to get to places off campus since there is nothing in walking distance. For international students or exchange students it is hard getting off campus because most of us do not have cars. Another problem is that there is barely any public transportation here at Furman. There are buses in Greenville, but do not stop inside the campus. In Japan you are able to go almost anywhere without having a car because of the amazing public transportation system we have.

Cars are essential at Furman

Cars are essential at Furman. Photo Credit: Redshift Autodesk

This is one of the biggest problems, I experienced when I came to Furman. Without having a good public transportation system it is hard for me to even buy groceries, or go out on a Friday night. Just having a bus that goes to certain places in Greenville on an hourly schedule will help students without cars. There are shuttles that take you downtown, but it is very inconvenient and most students do not know what time the shuttle is running.

Overall, living on campus is great! You have your friends, class, and anything you need where you live! However if you want to go off campus it’ll be a little hassle if you dont have a car. So, for anyone who will be living on campus: Go buy a CAR.

Photo Collage Credits: Apartment (Top Left) – Shuntaro Yoshida/ Cars (Top Right) – Shuntaro Yoshida/ Rose garden (Bottom Left) – TeenLife/ Bell Tower (Bottom Right) – Omicron Delta Kappa