What to eat?

“What do you wanna eat?” Thats a question we college students all ask to our friends on a daily basis. When you are in college you have the freedom to eat whatever you want without your parents telling you anything. You can eat as much junk food as you wish! In an American university most schools have a place like a dining hall where there is a variety of food and you can eat as much as you want, similar to a cafeteria, and also a place where there are some fast food chains on campus. At Furman University, we have a Dining Hall and the PDen, similar to a food court where you can find fast food chains such as Chik-fil-A and Moe’s, and a restaurant called Tupelo Honey, which is also located in downtown Greenville. There are so many options to eat on campus.

This is not the same in Japanese universities. Since we don’t live on campus there aren’t as many places where we can get food on campus. Most Japanese universities have a small cafeteria and a convenience store on campus. However because there aren’t as many options to eat on campus there are more than a lot of options to eat off campus. When you step outside of campus there are cheap restaurants and fast food chains surrounding the campus in a walking distance. Especially outside of Waseda University, you can find any type of food you are looking for for a student friendly price.

You can find convenience stores like this in academic buildings in Japanese Universities. Photo Credit: You can pass

Which ones better?

Which one is better though? From a health perspective eating on campus at the dining hall is much more better than spending money and eating off campus. At Furman University, Bon Appetit Management Company provides us with the delicious food and uses some ingredients from the local Furman Farm.  They try to make all of the foods healthy and nutritious for college students who tend to eat unhealthy.

Locally grown vegetables on the Furman Farm. Photo Credit: Furman University

Eating off campus at Furman is better for you, compared to eating off campus at Waseda as well. Many of the restaurants located around Waseda are cheap quick foods that tend to not be concerned with organic or healthy foods. On the other hand, near Furman University you can find many places that offer healthy nutritious restaurants that also use local foods. Check here for some cool spots to eat! This is probably due to the culture difference where the United States are more sensitive to organic and healthy foods.



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