Getting strategic on social media

Nowadays mostly anyone who has access to the internet has some sort of social media account. Especially young people, like me! Whether that is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, people around the age as me have these accounts. And when we use these accounts we see business’s or brands using these platforms as well to market their products. In the article “The Social Strategy: A Five-Step Process For Social Media Marketing Success”   by Kimberlee Morrison she gives us 5 tips on how to successfully brand ourselves on these social media platforms. So, what kinds of tips are these?

Many of the social media platforms that are used today. Photo Credit: Marketingland

  1. Social Identity: She first states that having the right social identity is “the root from which your social strategy will develop.” You have to know who you are. You have to know the right things to say and what not to say. If you don’t have a legit social identity, nobody will even care to look at your stuff!

    Knowing who you are on social media is important. Photo Credit: 123rf

  2. Community activation: On social media most of the time, people are coming to you! You have to know who your audience is and understand that the content you are producing is matching the audiences expectation.

    Know your audience and who is expecting things from you! Photo Credit: Qwaya Blog

  3. Content Strategy: Content strategy is an important step for building your brand. However in order to create a good content strategy you need to know who YOU are and who your AUDIENCE are. This shows how important steps 1 and 2 are. Morrison states that people tend to build on their social media without really thinking about the first 2 steps which can be problematic.

    Understanding content strategy can help you develop your social media. Photo Credit: Zest Media

  4. Social Campaigns: This is also similar with step 3, if you don’t have the former steps down there is no strong effect on doing any social campaigns in the long run.

    Many brands use social campaigns, but you need to understand how to use it properly. Photo Credit: Marketing Land

  5. Social Intelligence: This simply means being smart in how you use your platforms. She states that it is more tactical than strategic. Know how you can use the platforms to your advantage!

    You have to be intelligent on your social media! Photo Credit:

Although all of these steps seem to be common sense for anyone trying to brand themselves on social media, it is important to understand these steps and reassuring yourself that you can successfully use these social media platforms to your advantage!


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