The Power of Cell Phones

As a college student I do not know anyone in my generation that does not have a cell phone. Everyone that I know has a cell phone and I am 100% sure that all those people use it on a daily basis. Whether that is to call or text message some one, play games, or update their social media, the cell phone is a device that we all need in todays world.

Almost everyone in our generation uses the cell phone. Photo Credit: Clipartfest

In the article “The Cell Phone As An Agent Of Social Change” by Abu Sadat Nurullah it talks about the impact cell phones have had on our society and how it has become a sub culture of its own. He states that adolescents are the main users of cell phones. Especially our generation, where the smart phone (iPhone and Androids) was introduced and we had access of doing much more than a regular cell phone that the older generation had, it has made it where we can almost be inseparable of  our cell phones. It has made our lives much more easier and has become more entertainable to use cell phones. That is one of the main reasons why I believe the cell phone has become a big aspect of our lives.

The increase in cell phones had a major impact in cell phone usage. Photo Credit: US News & World Report

He also states how the cell phones has changed the social norms of how we communicate. With everyone having a cell phone, this means that anyone can be reached 24/7. They are available at all times. He called this the “technosocial situation”. Although having the ability to contact anyone anywhere at any time can be useful, it has some negative aspects such as affecting the way we communicate face to face. Texting can also affect the standards of writing and language. Texting has shaped the way young peoples use of language has changed over time.

Texting has made it possible for anyone to contact anyone at any time. Photo Credit: Brigham Young University

Cell phones cannot be separated from our lives and with the increase of social media, it  will continue to be apart of our lives. Although it plays a helpful role in our society we cannot say that it does not have any negative aspects to our society.


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