Not the end

This semester went by so quickly! Especially with the work I have been doing for my digital communications class, where we made our own blogs and group projects, where we filmed and edited a video and recorded a podcast. Before starting this class I have never thought I would be able to do any of this. However if you start with wanting to improve yourself and learn new skills, I found that nothing is impossible. We are in age where everything is becoming digital and we have to adapt to it. Taking this course definitely helped me become a digital person.


My blog I made for digital communication

I created this blog with the intent to show the differences I have encountered here at Furman. I have never written a blog before and didn’t know if I could even make a relevant one. However after doing multiple readings on how to become a better writer and learning tricks like hyperlinking and adding images to make it more aesthetically pleasing, it gave me the confidence to write and publish something on the internet!

Videos and Podcasts

Editing videos was something I have never thought of doing. I loved watching youtube and seeing the cool videos they make, but I never thought I could be able to edit one myself. Same with podcasts. I would listen to many podcasts but never thought of making one myself. Learning the editing software and making little changes like the audio and transitions was something that made me realize that these little things is what makes a GOOD video and a not so good video. Here is the video and podcast our group worked very hard on.

I really enjoyed learning these new skills and am confident to say that I can use all of these skills. I am now able to edit photos on photoshop, edit videos on Adobe premier elements, and edit podcast on audacity. After learning these skills and producing content of my own, I realized that nothing can be finished. There are so many things you can improve on that nothing is really fully perfect. I will continue to post on this blog as well as polish up my personal website, so I can use it in the future!



DH hacks

The food at the dining hall can become mundane. People have different tricks and tips they have to spice up their meals! We asked a couple students and a DH worker to tell us some of their dining hall hacks!